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For MLM, Direct sale companies, the first two listings for each company will always remain FREE.  For Small business or Self-employed individuals, the first two listings per category will always remain FREE.  If you submit a listing and it is third or more, you will be placed on a waiting list for the free listing, you will also be offered the option to pay for your listing to be effective immediately. Pricing for listing is to be announced and all information will be sent via email to all participants. 

It is the responsibility of the lister to advise WhoSells of any changes required to update their information.

WhoSells assumes no responsibility for leads or contacts for the listed businesses, and no responsibility for the quality of service or products offered to the customers.
The business or individual submitting their information is consenting to the use of that information in the Directory.
WhoSells does not sell or distribute the information to any third party.

Note:  Free listings may be increased as growth occurs.

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